GripTrac, Inc.

4865 S. Ravenna Rd

Ravenna, MI  49451

Phone: 231-853-2284  Fax: 231-853-6171  


Building tracks to fit combines, tractors, harvesters, carts, and self-propelled equipment.

Leading the track industry with quality products for over 40 years

“The Best Tracks Made”

GripTrac is sold and serviced world wide throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, Asia, Africa and Australia.


“We use GripTrac on both our self-propelled chopper and combine.  We bought them this fall and they’ve already paid for themselves.”

Sidney Borgeson, Witnee, WI

“There have been numerous seasons that we could never have harvested our crops without GripTrac. When we were through with our crops we rented them out.”

Dale Huisinga, Casey, IL

 Harvest your crops in wet fields

 The most versatile tracks on the market

 Easy-on  Easy-off installation

 Does not tear up fields

 36” Width minimize compaction

 46 Square feet of bearing surface on the ground

 Practically maintenance free

 Save 20% on your fuel cost

 Mud shields protect final drives

 No undercarriage to hang you up

 Satisfaction Guaranteed  

“Best way to describe GripTrac .…..

“Frickin unbelievable” cannot believe the wet ground we are getting over with them, far exceeds what we expected.“


We’ve used GripTrac under extremely wet conditions.  They work great.  Through standing water we never got bogged down, even with a load on.  We can put them on or take them off in less than an hour.”
David Walker, Chillicothe, MO